Set in the near future, a husband and wife visit The Arbitrio Clinc, a fertility clinic that specialises in designer babies. With the help of a qualified adviser, the couple must answer three seemingly harmless questions to create their perfect baby.

The newest film from director Tomisin Adepeju, and the debut film from writer/producer Vijay Varman, THE RIGHT CHOICE seeks to explore how far parents are willing to go in order to ensure their children have the best start in life. Through the eyes of a wedded couple we observe the clash of societal norms with the desire for equality; as well as witnessing the difficult choices that must be made to ensure a child can enter the world with as many advantages as possible

Director’s Statement

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THE RIGHT CHOICE follows a couple who visit a fertility clinic in the hope of creating and designing their perfect baby. The film poses a simple question: “How far are you willing to go to give your child the best start in life?”

It was this question that compelled me to come on board the project. It is a very simple question that I felt was incredibly layered and encapsulated a lot of important themes and issues. At the start of the film, the couple are excited about the prospect of designing their perfect baby, but by the end, they are transformed by the life-changing choices the Adviser asks them to make. Ultimately, our protagonists are forced to make certain decisions that would profoundly affect their child’s life. The choices they make over the course of the film reveals hidden truths about how we are willing to conform to societal norms, conventions and typical perceptions about race, sexuality and gender.

As a storyteller, I am interested in creating powerful and thought-provoking narratives that will not only entertain the viewer, but educate them as well. The themes and issues presented in a story like this must be told.